Maizal-Yanama, 28dec2009

After having breakfast at Familia Perez´s house where i ate hot cooked potatoes, honey and tea, i´ve got a donkey lift for my backpack with Victor, Romulo´s brother. He was leaving. Heading his house in Yanama, exactly my next stop. Perfect having him and his son, Elvis, as my guide. The trail was hard as usual. Steep, wet, muddy and sometimes rocky. Amazing as Incas made so high stairs in some rocky parts of their roads. It was almost a climbing for each one.

After few hours, at the highest part of the trail, called Quebrada Yanama, at 4300m high, it was really impressive find and walk over few kilometers of the QhapaqÑan. The original and preserved Inca trail network that was the wonderful linking between all Inca empire states, from northern part of Argentina untill Ecuador passing through Chile, Bolivia and Peru. All this territory, bigger than actual Europe, was conquested by the Inca during around 500 years only. The QhapaqÑan was constructed to connect it and transport people, food, animals, workers and soldiers in order to support expansion. I always knew that i was walking over trails used by the Inca people, but see it preserved in the original shape with all those rock blocks perfectly inserted was really emotive.

After Quebrada Yanama the way down the mountain untill Yanama at 3700m high was less hard. At that period of rainy season, the scenary was beautiful made by blocks of rocks, green grass and waterfalls everywhere. Peru travellers always say that the best period to explore is during dry season, from April to September. But during the wet season i see some advantages too: green scenary and only few foreigner people along the way.

I´ve arrived in Yanama before Victor and Elvis. It was a sunny late afternoon. It was a wonderful view that village inserted down the long rocky and green valley with many waterfalls


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